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 Brother was born in 1961

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Date d'inscription : 21/01/2011

MessageSujet: Brother was born in 1961   Ven 21 Jan à 5:41

Parents of six children born to his brother the only boy, on the brother's name, I learned from the mother's mouth reason: my brother fan of coach products born just spring season; there is a saying in rural areas called "Qing Ming Mai on February first, in March, after the Qing Ming Mai." Peasant farming is generally according to the lunar time, due to the size of the different months, brother of the birthday are catching up before Tomb Sweeping Festival. Mother is no culture of farm women, father brigade accountant, is a unique village intellectual. So was there is this brother who both elegant as the name of moral courage -was the Ming and Qing. For the father, is a hope and coach bags outlet, with the mother's words, is easy to remember but for a good call. Chin Ming Festival one year, we naturally think of my brother's birthday.
Brother was born in 1961 Lunar New Year Feb. 20, when the country three years difficult period. My mother says that she was often hungry when Haul Gage meal, full meal, but also to the production team to participate in heavy physical labor. A chronic lack of nutrition, his brother was born when the body is very thin, big eyes and very God. Mother mountain labor; fell to the ground to prepare for his brother to him with a cloth tied on the window sill, women's purses that only the great care of his older sister. Sometimes the neighbor's chicken’s thousand broken windows of paper, the two children crying scared, kind neighbors to a wonderful reflection of the child from the window of the home to Hong Shum. Got to come back from was house to house looking for the mother child labor. As the "apple" of the brother has not special treatment by their parents. That is the impoverished village years time. Daily necessities of life have become every family problem. Brother came to a stomach due to childhood malnutrition. The body has been very thin; usually the mother language betrayed a total guilt.

Later gave birth to my mother and three younger sisters after The smallest year-old sister in that year, the village to a number of medical groups, women of childbearing age is to make birth control surgery. Father was a party member, but also village leaders, of course, afford to take the lead role. Finished surgery, the mother was helped with back home, lying on the king left a tear in his mouth and murmured: "If the old girl is a kid like it!" Although the mother does not understand the meaning of words, but children in her eyes I could feel the location of his son in her heart much heavier than the daughter. Days later, my mother felt faint brother love for me.
Every time I go to meet his father came home county of a collapse fashion coach wallet pocket hides candy children, there is a stack of comic books, we are crazy and my brother grab, grab hands full when Once a war breaks, whenever this time, My sister and I always suffer when the mother broom knots more than punishment. Brother, a child is very smart, great people talk about the folk, the story he always keep that in mind, but also often tell us to listen. He used two sticks and made a single wheel wheelbarrow, took me and my sister firewood uphill fight, kick down the straw to push us to play with the car, accidentally fell we get, but is not scolded brother, now think of it all feel very confused children. Daughters leave their parents grew up, one after another, like a flying coach shoes outlet, and eventually leave their parents side or son. After high school, his brother took to the education post. Mother hospitalized for a year, my sisters and I because of the relationship between work and family, no more time to spend with the mother, or my brother took two days off school, has been caring for his mother recovered and discharged. Then my brother married a wife, gave birth to chanel bags sale little nephew.
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Brother was born in 1961
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