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 Elegant sunset

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Date d'inscription : 21/01/2011

MessageSujet: Elegant sunset   Ven 21 Jan à 5:44

A few days ago I started things scattered empathy something about life, how life is after the transformation? After enough of certain things coach outlet store think they will slowly start after growth has become a confident, smiling people who look at life. Their senses, or had their lonely stay at the origin, when those who see the streets, ripped clothing, my eyes inadvertently take a look at a few more, maybe the future I will not be so unexamined lives, not the pursuit of ideals, only the empty eyes, lazy disorderly conduct and even the dirty hair, eyes full of contempt for pedestrians and disdain, the once proud of my original so wasted. The future out of was place? English examination that is six in was the day. Was then able the hottest designer bags pass the English exam, but one that really put all was the thoughts inside a sudden come to be the phone inadvertently, his father still in the ear like the sound noisy. Just because a disruption of others call it all: money, school fees and more drawn to, told me to wait for him at noon to ask conditions of this Part.

Early in the school gate waiting for the Department's father, was a sunny day though, when the snow every few days still not melt some dark corner of the accumulation of snow can also be seen. Rode in the front door waited ten minutes, twelve things done his father finished work at the site in the past, are riding a bicycle is a bike that old brand of Phoenix at noon with coach purses clearance is the exclusive property morning in order to save some money mother cook and eat meals to the site, that site at noon when the janitor uncle to provide some of the hot water well with rice. The life of migrant workers lasted nearly ten years, the same cold rice to eat because his father had stomach several years ago, in the annual relapse once within a period of time, eat a lot of good medicine is not seen until later only to large hospitals, made a comprehensive coach handbags, had his father was supposed to be in order to save some money trouble, and now his father and so rely on medication all year round to reduce the disease, the father's body has been very good, with the father basically like smoking pumping is the most expensive on the kind of childhood I remember helping my father to buy cigarettes, the kind known as the "South" of the smoke when I was young has left an indelible impression in the memory.
Now my father annual smoking, become very yellow, very yellow coach wallet often cough, the mother did not know how many times to persuade his father always silly smile, then there is no way, the mother also did not say anything. Childhood is basically me and my sister grew up sniffing his father's smoke, now walk in the street I feel the smell of smoke flavor is not unpleasant, but kind of taste so I always think of my father.

Home mother of a man is basically arranged, the father to work in the fields. Every four or five o'clock to get up early like a big pot with a couple of hours in rural areas of rice, my mother cooked rice is very fragrant incense. Look about seven o'clock, my pick up your favorite coach shoes told us to hurry up and eat the mother, and then rode a bike to the site where the old work. Distant from the site because the home, in the winter to ride for an hour to get to the site. Mother was a tiny little, and very thin, but doing the same unambiguous. Building chanel bags online are basically manual labor, that is, dummies, selling handle effort. Mother's body still tough, but once the disease it is very gaunt, looking at a very distressed, and no one to take care of her.
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Elegant sunset
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