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 Beautiful Sister

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Date d'inscription : 21/01/2011

MessageSujet: Beautiful Sister    Ven 21 Jan à 5:48

Sister was born in 1956, her fan of coach products in time for the difficult times in primary school in time for the very period in time for the turbulent times in high school, high school graduates recommended period of time for the quiz. That neither in our power not any potential as a family, the eldest sister is not recommended, however, his older sister's academic performance is still quite good, that's the error in the policy does not seem to affect the big sister of knowledge desire, the pursuit of a better life.
But the fate of the people get, is being restored before the how to find coach bags, big sister was very ill - bone tuberculosis. The first thing I remember is the darkness of night, in her mother's arms, waiting for access to older sister lived in the hospital train. Long train whistle sound in the night still haunt in my ear, there is a sense of desolation of endless play. Sister finally after major surgery in a few survived, the waist has completely changed the face of the shape of big sister, everyone believes that her life will be difficult and unfortunate.

Sister spent sick at home all the money, this father sold the house, a lot of debt owed, the home of the not rich, even more shabby and suffering. In memory of my childhood, my mother almost every day to his older sister's body moved to tears, do not know how such coach purses clearance is the exclusive property weak girl to face a long road of life. Big Sister I'm sixteen years old, when I was young, does not understand this truth, but to see the mother's tears, I was not happy; a person's mood is bleak. Sister not only lost their yearning for a better life and confidence, and never complained about the fate of her ordeal, and this girl is a bloom of youth, it is not easy however.
Twenty-year-old married sister, her husband is a farmer, the family poor, seems to have a disability equality older sister is really a pair. No job, no skills, no coach handbags, they have only the hard work and mutual trust between husband and wife, and a better life for himself. Sister's son was born two years later, and a pair of trouble for such couples, life is more full of hope and vitality, this is my big sister at home in childhood are often eager for the reason of life.

I clearly remember, and his older sister in the yard with Rizal, the scene of the fence. Sister yard with half an acre of much, every spring, the big sister has to Shaq fences in the yard, seemingly simple things, in fact, is to spend a lot of effort for. Uniform thickness of the first pick of the sunflower stalks, placed neatly stamp out the re spade head of sunflower stalks curved, coach wallet sale then split with an ax to be the root of hair loss domesticated hen. Pull a straight line, line two leash stones, big sister can be the direction of the line according to a spade a spade to dig trenches children, and I split a good sunflower stalks neatly children not in the ditch, the small nephew, Tim put back into the excavated soil, and with little feet stepping on kicks.
The final process is to put them in a row of pick up your favorite coach shoes and then take a more direct cross-slip after the child's pole tied up with a solid line. Spring is always warm, lazy, and it is very promising. Do the job when the sister was always happy, as if tied to a fence wall buried all her dreams, hopes grow shoots, flowers out of the ideal, she was expected to bear fruit. At that time, she always looked at me and nephews laugh, that it seems we have just germinated seedlings.

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Beautiful Sister
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